What is Parent’s Mission?

handsThere are toys, and then there are TOYS!!   Surely we remember the Christmas’ of our youth and that there was always that gift that missed the target. A sweater maybe? Or perhaps a G.I. Joe that you always wanted when you were 10 but you were 17 years old when you finally got it.

Then there was that one gift. The gift of all time, the one you had wished for but didn’t want to risk expecting because despite your not-so-subtle hinting, Mom never even gave you a clue that she even knew it existed, but there it was in all of its glory. You can still hear the choir of angels singing as the paper fell away from the box and the as you held it — for a moment, the whole world was right.

Some of our toys still exist and are available, though many are not. Parent’sMission is a blog where you can reminisce, and tell the stories of your favorite gifts and those that are now your kids favorites. Help me, help you be the parent that gets it right each Christmas and for each birthday.  Read, Comment, and Go Buy. Don’t forget to check out the How We Survive page.


4 thoughts on “What is Parent’s Mission?

  1. I commend you for tackling the toy industry for parents –helping them find great toys for their kids. My kids are all grown, but I’ll definitely be checking on your site when grandkids enter the picture! Great resource! Thanks for stopping by “What’s the Good Word?” and for the like. God’s blessings! Laura

  2. Interesting idea for a blog. Are you looking for stories about gifts? I have one I could share. Just let me know. It was a turning point in my tumultuous twelve-year old life.

    Thanks for the “like” by the way.

    • Absolutely. You can add it to a section on Classic Toys if its something from your youth or you can post it to the blog. I’m just getting rolling so let me know if something isn’t set up right or if you think we need a separate area for reader submissions. Thanks for stopping by too!!

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